Ratel Geneve, The Dark Horse in Luxury Watches, Presented by Ratel Geneve

The most magnetic watch to drop during Q1 of 2018 has undoubtedly been Ratel Geneve. In a movement that’s engulfed the luxury watch industry, the Swiss Watchmaker has become widely established as the new must-have product in Men’s Luxury

Driving this tour de force has been the audaciously bold designs of Ratel’s founder, Cyril Ratel. Cyril, however, has underpinned these wild, extravagant aesthetics to the most technically advanced foundations, yielding a nuanced timepiece which is at once startlingly reckless yet delicately balanced.

Such a juxtaposition of opposing qualities actually fuses seamlessly together in Ratel’s new VI Degrees collection, which boasts 49 finely calibrated variations. Ranging in price from $2,000-5,000, Ratel offers rarified luxury at an accessible price point to millennial consumers.

The confluence of futuristic design, accessible pricepoint, and the propensity of millennials to spend on luxury products has created a sweetspot in the market for Ratel that is widening by the day.

Propelled by the endorsements of major stars—from pop singers like Akon and Yandel to soccer stars Johan Djhrou and Djibril Cisseand emphatic testimonials from a nucleus of central watch authorities, namely Daily WatchMen With ClassLuxury Lifestyle Magazine Watches Lux , and Wrist Enthusiast, Ratel has emerged as the hottest new status symbol for today’s prosperous milllennials and its movement is moving like a perfect storm across culture and disrupting the safely held positions of competitors.

Whether you’re a watch connoisseur keen to see who is making the biggest noise, or a potential customer intrigued by the design alone, there is plenty of reason to check out Ratel.

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