Cyril Ratel and his Innovative brand of watches is changing the way of looking at watches

Cyril Ratel, born in Geneva, Switzerland, is a young and bold swiss entrepreneur. Who’s profound passion about watches pursued him to gift the world this innovative and eponymous brand of watches. Owning to his Swiss origin, wherein the watchmaking has actually arrived in the 16th century, Cyril has believed to develop this unconditional love of watches at a very young age. Watchmakers masquerading watches in a delicate and luxurious guise would always leave his eyes full of pleasure and his outright admiration for watches is the part of his identity.

After being done with his Masters in Business Administration and Economics, Cyril launched his own Ratel brand in 2004. And since then Cyril’s independent brand has posed a tough challenge to the old approach of watchmaking companies and has won the each heart through his innovative vision.

Cyril’s keen passion for watches is his inheritance from his family (or ancestors), it is this legacy which he considers his own part. For him, the legacy of watchmaking has always been something that he is proud of. The mishmash of the traditional techniques and his novel notions makes it a very avant-garde brand of watches.

Each timepiece can be appreciated for its elegant selection of components, craftsmanship, and uniqueness, thus depicts the perfect and preeminent Swiss custom of watchmaking.
In addition to Cyril’s luxurious lifestyle, his enthusiasm includes travel and adventure, which has helped him to create this distinguished and versatile brand which has touched people across the globe.

As Cyril Ratel puts it; “We create watches for the dream chasers, the trendsetters. For people who never give up and who know that no goal is too large, the world is yours for the taking so make the choice to stand up & stand out. Bold or Nothing”.

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